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aden + anais
nd in July 2006, aden + anais® was born and can now be found in thousands of stores across 63 countries, worldwide today - See more at: http://www.adenandanais.com/en-us/content/about+raegans+story/raegan-story.aspx#sthash.ZlvPdTW3.dpuf
nd in July 2006, aden + anais® was born and can now be found in thousands of stores across 63 countries, worldwide today - See more at: http://www.adenandanais.com/en-us/content/about+raegans+story/raegan-story.aspx#sthash.ZlvPdTW3.dpuf
nd in July 2006, aden + anais® was born and can now be found in thousands of stores across 63 countries, worldwide today - See more at: http://www.adenandanais.com/en-us/content/about+raegans+story/raegan-story.aspx#sthash.ZlvPdTW3.dpuf

aden + anais was launched in 2006 by an Aussie mum in response to her fruitless search for swaddles when she moved to the United States and fell pregnant. The brand is an amazing success story now found in 63 countries and 1000s of stores. Renowned for their muslin swaddles and products, signature and iconic prints and their advocacy for safe sleeping it's the must have brand for all new parents.  aden + anais may have a huge global presence but they still remain very much a boutique brand much loved by parents, nurses, pediatricians, industry experts, lactation consultants, and not to mention its huge celebrity and royal following.  We pride ourselves at babysouk as being one of the first companies in 2009  to bring aden + anais to the UAE and their constantly evolving range has kept their offering fresh and unique ever since. Within their range you will always find the perfect gift for a baby shower, new baby or 1st birthday. 



Our signature, iconic prints are unique to the baby industry and make us who we are. Influenced by stories we hear, scenes we see or just inspirational colors, there is a meaning behind each of our designs that create the patterns that complement your style and make your babies fall in love. - See more at: http://www.adenandanais.com/en-us/content/about+our+story/our-story.aspx#sthash.mtzbVRG2.dpuf pediatricians, industry experts, lactation consultants, and even celebrities has been incredible.
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Creating a wide variety of unique handmade jewelry adorned with handmade amber gemstone beads. Stylish and feminine handcrafted jewelry. Geometric shapes, bright amber colors and natural raw amber material. Incorporating the lapidary arts in our designer jewelry allows a great deal of flexibility in designs which feature unique free form cabochons. 

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Babiators, originating from the US, are in the business of protecting children’s eyes and image with products that can withstand the rough and tumble daily activities of adventuresome young aviators. Babiators sunglasses protect children’s precious eyes from harmful UV rays with a durable rubber product – without sacrificing style! Babiators is the first brand designed to stand up to the sun, teething, and playground fashionistas –all with a single purchase. 

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Beatrix is a New York City based company devoted to creating cool, contemporary stuff for kids. The products combine a childlike love of whimsy and imagination with a grown- up sense of modern design and style. You’ll find their adorable characters and colorful graphics on products designed with a focus on simplicity, quality, & fun. They try to design products that kids will love and manufacture them so the love lasts.

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Bebe Au Lait

Committed to designing products that families love. These products are loved for their function, for their style- and simply because they make their everyday lives easier. Whether it’s bath-time, meal-time, nap-time or get-out-and-go time, the goal is to provide the safest, most functional and luxurious products that parents reach for first.

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Boba’s story is an inspirational one. Founded by two parents from Boulder, Colorado, who in 2007 took a year off to travel the world with their 2 kids on a tight budget, and simply Live. They gave everything they had away and just took off – husband and wife, a few thousand dollars, 2 backpacks and 2 kids. They wanted to experience freedom together! And on their journey, they founded Boba.

Now Boba is one of the world’s leading carrier brands and designs thoughtfully-crafted carriers for active parents who want the time and freedom to create a real and caring bond with their child, while living life to the fullest. Comfortable, fashionable and designed with both mums and dads in mind, their range of products are essential for active parents. 


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Kids Fly Safe

CARES Child Aviation Restraint System is designed specifically for aviation use for children age 1 and older who weigh between 22 and 44 pounds. These youngsters are old enough to be in their own seats, but are too small for the seat belt alone to protect them and provide the safety they require during airplane travel. 

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Founded in 2002, Cloud b is the world’s leading manufacturer of products and accessories that help parents and children sleep. We hold the honor of being internationally recognized as the number one company in the sleep niche category - thanks to high-quality

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Cocoon Couture

Cocoon Couture is a collection of unique children's bean bags and room accessories. This beautiful and diverse range features bespoke designs of delightful animal critters inspired by the treasures of childhood.

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The Ergobaby Carrier was born out of a personal desire for mobility and comfort allowing you to tackle life while maintaining a close & natural bond with your baby and toddler. Every new product design is conceived and developed with a focus on you and your baby. These products adjust naturally with you–the goal is to make life easier in our mobile world. It’s about your comfort, your baby’s developing body–and everywhere you both can go–without limits.

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HEVEA is a Danish company, producing 100% natural rubber baby products that are sustainable and environmental friendly and offers the consumer modern looking natural products.

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Little Chipipi
Little Chipipi (ch-pee-pee) is an Australian company that designs and manufactures quality products for children. Created by Graphic Designer and Illustrator Samantha Peters in 2005. Initially producing only greeting cards and magnets, Little Chipipi has grown with the introduction of their much loved MOVEABLES™ wall stickers and now - their new matching organic bed linen and placemats.
Little Chipipi’s MOVEABLES™ wall stickers & wall decals, bed linen, placemats and greeting cards are sold through children’s stores and gift boutiques across Australia and internationally.
Little Chipipi is always working towards designing and manufacturing the highest quality products for you and your little ones to love and enjoy
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Little Innoscents

Providing concerned parents with 100% natural, Australian made and grown, skincare products, which are readily available, as affordable as possible AND have genuinely, certified organic ingredients. Formulated by nature, created with love...

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Natural Skin Care for Babies and Children. Free of harsh detergents. Founded by Rebecca McLeod. For over a year she lived and worked in Paris with toxicologists at the OECD working on reports on the impact of chemcicals on the skin. It changed her view of skincare products and lead to the development of Made4Baby

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Mountain Buggy

Starting with a father's need to create a buggy with all terrain agility, to enable him to enjoy the New Zealand mountain trails with his baby. So with precision engineering he crafted the foundations of Mountain Buggy’s legendary platform. The design and technology of this platform has evolved over the years to a deliberate design aesthetic influenced by clean lines and functional style. Mountain Buggy enables parents to live a life without limit.

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Originating from New Zealand, phil&teds is genuinely one of the world's leading inventors, designers and marketers of juvenile products - like the original inline stroller; combined with a quirky attitude. Their aim is to cut through the clutter of the crowded nursery channel, and helps parents “adapt&survive!”

Their products are in over 50 countries. From New Zealand, to New York, you can spot their products and brands making parents’ lives easier! phil&teds has been in business for over 20 years!  Staffed by real people, real parents, designing real products to solve real problems. With countless industry awards under their hat for innovation and best product, they are the first brand many parents turn to around the world for their stroller, travel products and anything which enables parents to retain their sense of self whilst becoming a parent. phil&teds products cover all parts of the parenting day, and offer unique products in 6 parenting categories: push, sleep, feed, carry, drive, adapt – to survive!


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Save Our Sleep
Tizzie Hall has been working with children for 15 years and boasts a long list of relieved parents who have been helped with customised baby sleep solutions.
Born and raised in Ireland, Tizzie started her Save Our Sleep™ (SOS) business in the UK in 1996, after years of extensive research and development into her routines and articles. She moved to Melbourne in 2002 and has continued the success of her infant sleep solutions business.
In ten years of operation, SOS has helped thousands of babies and children of all ages to sleep through the night, every night. By shedding light on baby sleep patterns, Tizzie is able to put parents at ease about their baby's behaviour. She arms them with the knowledge they need to assist their baby's development.
Her program focuses on teaching parents to identify issues that are affecting their baby's sleep, to interpret their baby's cries and to deal with the inevitable sleep problems when they do arise. Consequently, it gives parents back their own sleep
Tizzie's key to success revolves around working with parents and babies in their own homes. Every baby is assessed and treated individually in its own environment and a tailored sleep plan is developed. This is complemented by ongoing support and a guarantee of rapid results with dramatic changes for the better.
Tizzie' s SOS offers a complete service to allay a large range of parenting concerns. In addition to sleep solutions, Tizzie is an experienced consultant in positive discipline methods, dietary and home environmental consulting, potty training and toilet training. She can also supervise or develop programs to get children on and off bottle-feeding or to eliminate dummy dependency and thumb-sucking.
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Sticky Fudge

The Sticky-Fudge journey started at an Organic & Natural Product market in the beautiful town of Stellenbosch, South Africa in 2009.  Frinette, the designer and creator of Sticky Fudge, quickly realised that she would be unable to keep up with the demand for Sticky-Fudge garments, and within a month, what had started out as a dream became a reality. The Sticky-Fudge brand was born and continued to grow at a steady and rapid rate.

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Inspiration, disgust, determination, childhood memories, and a splash of destiny are all ingredients to this wild adventure we call RuffleButts. RuffleButts is a fun & frilly girl's clothing line, centered around their Signature RuffleButt diaper cover. Perfect for gifts or making anyone who sees them smile!

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Inspiration, disgust, determination, childhood memories, and a splash of destiny are all ingredients to this wild adventure called RuggedButts. RuggedButts is a fun & trendy little boy's clothing line, centered around their Signature RuggedButt diaper cover. Perfect for gifts or making anyone who sees them smile!

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Moulin Roty

The entire Moulin Roty online collection is expertly designed in France using only the finest French fabrics and materials available. Some designs capture the charms of a bygone era, whilst others are based on the most current avant-garde designs. Moulin Roty offers up a charming collection of toys, doudous and mobiles, that guarantees to inspire and delight all members of the family with extra special, unique touches. Moulin Roty soft toys make great gifts for babies.

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Oh Baby London

Oh Baby London is an independent baby clothing brand based in London, and sold all across the world from Europe to New York to Tokyo. Their clothing is inspired by the wonder and curiosity of those who will wear it. Their thinking that clothing shouldn't be disposable, directs them to build it from high quality materials, and don't believe in throwaway fads or hype. Made with 100% organic cotton their beautiful baby clothes are both practical yet uber cool and trendy! 

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Jon Stevenson discovered his inspiration for Trumpette when he adopted son, Nicky.  After more than a decade in San Francisco’s men’s fashion industry, Jon began designing onesies for Nicky to wear. Upon receiving many compliments about “What a cute little girl” he had, Jon then designed a onesie with the word “BOY” boldly silkscreened across the front. This brought to life the visually captivating and tongue in cheek style that is Trumpette’s signature.

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CamelBak have products proved to be very popular among mountain bikers and motocross riders, because it allowed them to drink without taking their hands off of the handlebars in technical terrain. The product began to cross over into other sports when scientific studies showed athletes drank more fluids and performed better when they wore a CamelBak. For kids, they are favored and loved by many toddlers.

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My Brest Friend’s patented wrap-around design has made fans in over 30 countries where it is sold, as well as being used in hundreds of hospitals & NICUS. It is the #1 choice of lactation consultants and consistently earns raves among nursing mothers, many of whom tell us our pillow has helped them achieve longer holding and feeding cycles with their babies. My Brest Friend has helped millions of moms breastfeed their babies. 

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Cuddledry was created by two mothers and friends Helen and Polly, based on their own needs and real life experiences as parents. The brand first found fame with their award-winning Cuddledry baby bath towel, a revolutionary towel that attaches to the adult, ensuring hands free, safer bathing for baby. Cuddledry has grown to now offer a complete range of organic, eco-friendly, and high quality products in response to the needs of the modern family.

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Suzanne Kalloghlian

I spy from a beach in Dubai sunbathers, waders and sand castle makers. I spy from a beach in Dubai inviting cool waters under a perfectly painted sky. I spy from a beach in Dubai a woodern fishing dhow as it sails swiftly by. what can you spy from a beach in Dubai?

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Go Go Babyz
Go-Go Babyz® is a family oriented company, dedicated to developing innovative, high quality products to make life easier when you and your baby are “on the go.” ® As parents of young children Go-Go Babyz® design each product for use with our own families, and all Go-Go Babyz® products are personally mom, dad and grandparent-tested.  
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Merino Kids

Merino Kids™ is an internationally award winning gem of a company from New Zealand who are passionate about designing functional, innovative and beautiful sleep wear for newborns through to toddlers.  Using nature’s best materials they have created a fabulous range which includes the Go Go Sleep Bag™ and Cocooi™Babywrap, which really do make a difference to how babies and young children sleep, something which is dear to us all! 

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Your child's health is our number one priority.That’s why ZoLi is committed to giving parents safe, worry-free solutions to real-life challenges. Through a dedication to environmentally friendly manufacturing, we provide parents with premium products made from the safest and best possible materials, ensuring a healthier future for your baby.

ZoLi's products blend substance, sustainability, and style for a modern design that both reflects and enhances it's utility. Our products are created to make parent's lives easier while growing a greener future for their children.

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Tangle Teezer

We are the proud owners of 29 patents and countless trade marks across the world. Our brushes are also widely protected by design registrations and we vigorously protect our rights wherever they are infringed. We are constantly monitoring known counterfeiters and have a strong team of both internal and external brand protection and legal advisors. Together, we are working to identify the relevant manufacturers and find a long-term solution to the problem.

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The latest craze from the UK the invisibobble have many advantages. It is traceless, the uneven pressure produced by invisibobbles allows for the hair to be held strongly in the ponytail without being too tight. Avoids headaches as its not too tight. Invisibobble is caring to the hair they don’t get caught in the hair nor do any damage to it.

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BabyZen YoYo

BABYZEN™  is an award winning French stroller brand,  created by 5 individuals driven by the need to find a solution of a stroller that was lightweight yet still stylish.  Since it's arrival in the Middle East the best selling YOYO lightweight stroller continues to be a huge hit with parents here especially as our lifestyles are such that long distance travel is one thing that we can't avoid.  The first IATA approved stroller is one of pure genius and has since led to further enhancements and designs making parents lives so much easier.

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Alimrose Designs

Alimrose Designs is one the most sought after Australian brands in the Australian children gift market place as well as in Europe and the USA. Producing a covetable range of toys and goodies for little ones, from hand-squeakers to soft rattled toys they also stock a beautiful range of imported home wares.With a passion for design, an eye for detail and a feel for beautiful fabrics, they are the home of the sweetest dolls, loveliest baby accessories & gorgeous pieces for your home and always make the most perfect gift. They live by their motto Give. Inspire.Play.


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Organic for kids

We’ve stocked Organics For Kids clothing at Born for many years now. Probably since Jane started her business. The beautiful range of clothing is the only one that is made in the UK, a rare occurrence as the UK textile industry is pretty much non-existent.  For us, that’s a unique selling point when we are talking to customers about how and why we source our products. The range is also Soil Association certified from cotton farm to store so it meets the highest standards throughout the manufacturing process.

Jane Shepard is the company's Founder and Director, her designs are incredibly popular in our stores and online. We thought you’d be interested in finding out a bit more about Organics For Kids so we’ve asked Jane some questions about herself and her business.

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Brand story is not available .

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Love Mae

We love this fabulous brand and are so happy to have it on babysouk when looking for children's wall stickers or decals you can't help but fall in love with Love Mae.  We love their story so thought we would share it with you.  "Hello, pleasure to meet you. Charmed, I'm sure. Once upon a time, there was a young mum with a love of sweet, whimsical, unique designs. Frustrated with the lack of such designs available, she decided to create her own wares to decorate her children's bedrooms... but where to begin? Happily, she happened to know two like-minded designers that shared her love of all things charming, and one day over tea and buttery scones, Mae was born. We hope you enjoy our creations, made with love by Mae".

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Originating from Australia, b.box are passionate about creating  fun and functional everyday baby essentials with a difference.  Their goal is to make the lives of parents more convenient, in a cool and innovative way. But above all everything they do has to be practical. And of course their products are BPA, Phthalates and PVC free so they’re safe for kids and the environment.
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TummyTie® was designed to allow women to continue wearing their own clothes comfortably throughout pregnancy, post pregnancy, fluctuating weight, bloating and menopause. Unlike anything else on the market, TummyTie’s unique patented design is made from a simple elasticised strip and is fastened to your clothes using the existing button and buttonhole - NO bulky fabric panels needed, as your zipper stays locked in place! 

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Baby Aid

Baby Aid was conceived by mumpreneur, Lorna Smith. Being a mum herself, and knowing first hand the reality of the accidents that can occur, from babies being burnt in coffee shops to toddler tumbles, Lorna was inspired to create something compact and stylish that every mum can carry with her at all times. With Baby Aid, mums have everything they will need for common emergencies.

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Parenting can be a challenge - MELOBABY creates products that not only make life easier but look great too. Since being launched in March, 2008, MELOBABY products have been bought and used by thousands of parents worldwide, and we are regularly developing and creating new products that embrace the practical and stylish MELOBABY philosophy. MELOBABY's award-winning products have been lauded in the press, as well as on television. We are very proud that our business has grown and grown, supported by word-of-mouth recommendations from the very people who use our products and love them and we are sure you'll love them too.

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Almond Tree

Almond Tree Designs is a family business which started in 2008 as a home for artistic ventures and to keep alive artisan trades and skills. The business seed was planted due to difficulties the owner had in finding gorgeous, unique artwork for the owner's children. Almond Tree prints present words very close to the heart.

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Le Toy Van

Le Toy Van was set up in 1995 with an intention to produce a range of high quality painted wooden toys, initially for the UK market, but later distributed all around the world.

Early designs included a castle, a doll’s house and a farm; these ranges have continued to prosper to the present day. Positive reception by retailers and the buying public alike led to the forming of a limited company and the expansion of the product range to include the huge selection of painted wooden toys that Le Toy Van produces today.

Le Toy Van are now one of the premier painted wooden toy producers in the world and are year on year continuing to grow, diversify and innovate in the field of painted wooden toys.

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Emma Bridgewater

At Emma Bridgewater, we like to make things that make everyday life a little bit nicer – things that are beautiful to look at, but also a pleasure to use, like a lovely mug that cheers you up when you have your first cup of tea in the morning, or a bowl with a playful message that makes you smile when you use it. Emma and Matthew only design things that they love, and want to use themselves at home, which gives our patterns a unique warmth that makes them instantly recognisable. All our pottery is made from cream-coloured earthenware, a traditional Staffordshire product which we make in our own factory in Stoke-on-Trent, the home of British pottery. Most of the production work is still done by hand, and all the pieces are individually hand-decorated, so every one is very slightly different - and our spongeware is always signed by the person who painted it. If you want a completely unique piece, we can also hand-paint a name or message on many of our pottery items.

From the very beginning, Emma was clear that she wanted to make pottery that could be used and enjoyed every day, so we take a lot of care with the shapes of our pieces – our mugs feel just right in your hands, and our bowls and plates are big enough for generous portions, but not that silly restaurant size that takes up all the room on your table. And of course, all of our tableware is perfectly happy being washed in the dishwasher. Pottery is, and always will be, at the heart of our company, but in recent years we’ve come out of the kitchen, and used our patterns on a growing range of other products, including glass, tins, picnicware, wallpaper and fabrics from Sanderson, and our own collection of home fragrances, and bath and bodycare.

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Elks & Angels

elks and angels is the brainchild of an Australian-born interior architect and designer, janet kennedy ault, who left the laid back country of australia to live in the dazzling and frosty city of New York. It is here, Elks and Angels was born.

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baby jogger

Award winning Baby Jogger, inspired by their own children and by ingenious solutions to everyday problems they have created a range of strollers with parents in mind.  In 1984 they created the first jogging stroller to solve a problem active parents were facing.  30 years on they have moved far beyond this and created a range of strollers to meet the needs of parents who want to go place and see more things.  We are delighted to be able to offer 3 of their best selling models here at babysouk.


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Papinee is a creative movement inspired by different artists and designers from all around the world that work together using modern-day storytelling, installations, sculptures, toys, things for home and accessories - fusing vivid imaginations to create incredible universes for Dreamers of All Ages. 

Papinee was inspired by the founder’s mother. She transformed the Italian term for beautiful children ‘Bei Bambini’ into Papinee, a nickname for her son, and with her big heart, curious mind and loving personality embraced the world's cultures and treasures with him. Seeing the world as one, irrelevant of age, creed or color, she encouraged imagination and creativity in everyone. Believing that those that dreamed with all their heart, and worked with all their will, could change the world in every way.

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Beautiful Soles

Beautiful Soles are the perfect first baby shoe, the best thing for your little one to learn to crawl, balance and take those first steps in. Designed to protect and nurture little feet and crafted from 100% quality leather with a soft suede sole for added grip. These baby shoes are durable, hand washable and have soft elastic tops for a snug fit.  Just because these shoes are extremely practical, there is no need for them to be dull! The whole Beautiful Soles® range is simple, funky and colourful so you can showcase your beautiful little soul in the coolest baby shoes around and know you are also following the advice of pediatricians and podiatrists everywhere!

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Micro scooter

Micro are an award winning Swiss company founded in 1996 and what started as a matter of convenience has turned into a world-wide success story.  With an exceptionally passionate team behind them Micro are without a doubt the absolutely leading brand of scooters in the market and we are delighted to be selling them at babysouk.

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For over 100 years Vilac has been making toys for children.  It all started in Grenoble, in the South East of France in 1911 and remains in the same area to this day !  The first Vilac childrens toys were lovingly turned on a lathe, shaped, polished and lacquered  from a beech tree.  Since these humble beginnings at the start of the last century, Vilac has earned its position as one of the most celebrated wooden toy makers in France and Europe.  To this day many toys are still crafted in the Jura area with wood from France. We are absolutely delighted to be stocking such a beautiful brand on babysouk.

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Baby Home

From Barcelona, babyhome is a group of creative people who are mothers and fathers. Their design is contemporary, modern and award winning. 

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The Studio

The Studio is a photography studio based in the picturesque courtyard in the Al Quoz the art district in Dubai.  They have a fantastic team of energetic, creative and friendly expert photographers and videographers with a passion for what they do. They guarantee that your experience at The Studio will be a memorable one

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Angel Face
Angels' Face is the UK's No.1 brand of Pettiskirts, Petti skirts and tutus from Keely Deininger of Little Linens. Keely took inspiration for the Angel’s Face line from her childhood when she would spend Saturday nights watching Come Dancing with her mother and would then recreate the outfits she had just seen on the television. Keely’s grandmother was a seamstress and Keely was given her first sewing machine aged eight. She studied fashion and textiles at Southport, then Medway, and got her first real break at Velmore, the women’s tailor and a supplier to Marks & Spencer where she was design director.
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Crocodile Creek

Crocodile Creek is a delightful brand committed to creating high quality children's products that are both fun and functional.  We just love that they inspire the art of play adorned with colourful and beautiful illustrations, these gorgeous accessories and puzzles are timeless favourites and offer so many great options for gifting!

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